2017 Edition

Photo Essay

Dave McCoy is no stranger to steelhead fishing on the Skagit and Sauk rivers, nor is a stranger to a camera. He shares his compelling images with our readers.


Bushwhacking on Vancouver Island leads intrepid steelhead fishermen to some choice runs, with hot fish. Sometimes there’s pain and joy, mixed in with this interlude of passion for steelhead. Author: Josh Temple


Down Time: Look seriously at how you approach a day on the water and you’ll likely agree that too much of it is spent not doing what you intended to do. Why down time is a buzz kill to steelhead anglers. Author: Dec Hogan

Deep Swing Tactics: Keep your fly in the zone longer is the name of the game for winter steelhead fishing. Exactly how you do that is the question that begs an answer. Author: Rob Crandall

Become a Better Spey Caster: Here are 10 proven tips that will make you a more proficient Spey caster, all spoken on good authority. Author: Dec Hogan

Steelhead Flies

If you can relate to Chinese food, steelhead fishing and a different approach to tying steelhead flies then you’ll appreciate some of Brian Chou’s favorite steelhead flies.

Intruders: The history of the Intruder is rich, as is the evolution of how this fly came to be. If you know it, the story is worth revisiting. If you don’t know it, it’s worth reading. Author: Mike Lunde

Fly Bys:

Ken Morrish, Trailer Trash

Brita Fordice, Flatwing Prawn

Tom Larimer, Brazilian

Oliver Holt, Lady Alexanne

Dean Finnerty, Finnerty’s Steelhead Skater

Jeff Hickman, Fish Taco

Gear Reviews:

Manufacturer’s Choice

Our request to 17 fly rod manufacturers: Send us your best steelhead rod and we’ll review it. We did.


Alaska: Sandy River by Pat Hoglund

British Columbia: Kispiox River by Bill Herzog

Washington: Cowlitz River by Tyler Comeau

River Guides: 

Kitimat River

Hoh River

Skyokomish River

Upper Quinault River

Clackamas River

Deep Creek


Extreme Steelheading by award winning author Sean Gallagher.